Mercados EMI is an international consulting firm exclusively focused on business solutions in the energy and environment domain.

Since inception the firm has been continuously innovating and rediscovering its services and solutions and matches the needs of our clients.  Although Mercados EMI has been working in South Asia since 1999, the permanent operation commenced in April 2008 and is headquartered in New Delhi.

Mercados EMI helps clients shape and implement their energy sector strategy through deep, distinctive and durable solutions. The organization innovates continuously, creating a young, rich and dynamic workplace for its employees who revel in a workplace that is both stimulating and rewarding.

Energy supply in Asia is expanding rapidly to cater to the pent up demand and to keep pace with the rapid rate of industrialization and urbanization that the continent is witnessing. Yet the challenges remain severe placing unprecedented demand on the environment, raising security and sustainability concerns. Governments in the region strive to make energy available and affordable by introducing competitive markets and independent regulation, which they recognize are critical to encourage new capacity and investments and reduced prices in the long run. However they are also wary of the volatility of such markets, and are seeking to implement practical measures that can address such concerns without impairing long term market functioning.

Mercados EMI strongly believes that within the global paradigms that drive the dynamics of the energy markets, clients require solutions that are suited to local needs.

In April 2008 Mercados EMI commenced its operations as a regional office of the global company, dedicated to addressing these specific needs, simultaneously bringing in Global expertise with deep local knowledge of Asian markets. Mercados EMI is in the forefront of development of energy solutions in the South Asian Regions. The South Asian operations have quickly grown to become a very significant part of the international operations. The office in New Delhi works seamlessly with the international associates in other South Asian Countries to provide innovative solutions in Energy space.