S No. State
1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Uttarakhand
3. Delhi
4. Madhya Pradesh
5. Maharashtra
6. Gujarat
7. Chhattisgarh
8. West Bengal
9. Andhra Pradesh
10. Jammu and Kashmir
11. Assam
12. Pondicherry
13. Orissa
14. Pondicherry
15. Himachal Pradesh
15. Telangana
16. Haryana
17. Rajasthan
18. Panjab

South Asia

• Sri Lanka – Capacity Building for Clean Power Development – Part B Preparation of Master Plans and Business Model for Wind Park for Resource Management Associates (Private) Limited

• Maldives - Structuring Advisers for ASPIRE Project for Ministry of Environment and Energy, Maldives

• Afghanistan – Capacity Building with DABS to Effectively Manage, Operate & Maintain the National Power System for Phoenix IT Solutions Limited

Study on prospective peak power requirements in Nepal untill 2025 Adam Smith International Ltd energyc1
Study of Peaking Power requirements and Regulatory arrangements in the Indian Power Market
Conducting Knowledge Sharing Workshop Adani Power Ltd. energyc2
Techno-Economic Study Indian Power Sector
Consulting Services for Capacity Building and Human Resource Development for Assam Power Sector Utilities under APSEIP financed by ADB ADB energyc3
Gujarat Solar and Smart Grid Development Investment Program
Assignment for Study on Assessment of Short Term Power Market AES (India) Private Ltd energyc4
Assignment for Study on Bangladesh Power Market study
Power Market Study for MoserBaer AF Consult India Private Limited energyc5
Advisory assitance to an International Power Equipment manufacturer for a sector overview and competitive mapping of selected players Alstom energyc6
Capacity Development of the Assam Power Sector Utilities Asian Development Bank NA
Advisory Assistance for Review of Competitive Bidding Framework Association of Power Producers (APP) energyc7
Retainer Support to Association of Power Producers
Power Market Study: On policy regulatory and commercial aspects
Study to Assess Feasibility of Large Scale Thermal Coal Imports
Assistance to APP on SBD
Study on Developing Markets for Implementation of R & M in Thermal Power Stations in India Central Electricity Authority energyc8
Study on reduction of barriers to R & M inteventions in Thermal Power stations in India
Formulating Pricing Methodology for Inter-State Transmission in India – Extension of Scpoe Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) energyc9
Review of Power Market Performance on Power Exchange
RFP Preparation, Contract Preparation of Selected Vendor and Monitoring of IT Audit of Software for Trading System on Power Exchange
Engagement of Consultant by Forum of Regulators (FOR) for performing a study on Model regulation on market domination regarding discretionary power of regulator under section 60 of Electricity Act, 2003
Advisory assistance to CESC Limited for Turkish Power project Opportunity Assessment CESC Limited energyc10
Consultancy Support for Power Market Study Coastal Energen Ltd. energyc10
Advisory Assistance on tariff based competitive bidding process to establish transmission system for system strengthening of Western Region Coastal Projects Ltd. energyc10
Knowledge partners in India Power Awards 2010 Council of Power Utilities and KW Conferences energyc12
Assistance of Market tie-up for sale of Power DB Power energyc13
Supporting Structural Reforms in the India Power Sector Department for International Development UK energyc14
Comparison of PPA documents issued by TANGEDCO, RVPN, UPPCL under Case 1 Tariff based bidding for Long Term power procurement Diligent Power Ltd NA
Assistance To Essar Power Gujarat Limited On Tariff Related Issues Essar Power energyc15
Study of Power Sector Operations and Impact on State Finances Finance Commission, Government of India energyc16
Asia market study and business opportunities for CHP Fortum, Finland energyc17
CDM Project Development for 2X26 MW run of the river Hydro Power Plant at Myanmar by HTCT Ltd Future Energy Ltd energyc18
Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) Consultancy Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission energyc19
Power Market Study: View of the off-take strategies por IPPs in India IDFC Private Equity energyc20
Power Market Study II : Due Diligence of Power Projects
Spot Power Market have contribution to Indian Power Sector and Indian Economy India Energy Exchange energyc21
Short term power markets: Opportunities and way forward
India Coal Mine Acquisition Advisory Indian Mining Consultancy energyc22
Power Market Study InfraCo Asia Management Ltd energyc23
Review of Electricity Laws, Regulations, Policies (EL&R&P) And Legal Structure of South Asia Countries (SAC) to Identify Areas that can Hinder Cross Border Electricity Trade (CBET) and to recommend Changes/Amendments therein for consideration of the SAC Integrated Research & Action for Development & USAID energyc24
Assessment of Smart Grid Initiative International Finance Corp energyc24
Study on price forecasting and portfolio optimization Jaiprakash Power ventures Ltd energyc25
Advisory on the Power procurement for Short Term and on Medium Term Basis and Regulatory Overview of Andhra Pradesh for the manufacturing unit of Kalyani Gerdau Steels Ltd at Tadipatri, Andhra Pradesh Kalyani Gerdau Steels energyc26
Consultancy Support on Change in LTOA Status Lanco Kondapalli Power Ltd. energyc27
Assisstance to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission for formulating roadmap for cross-subsidy reduction Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission energyc28
Providing Services to MERC on Retainer Basis
Consultancy services for exploring power sale opportunity for Anuppur Project through Open Access MB Power  Madhya Pradesh Ltd energyc29
Chenab Valley Hydropower Investment Advisory Moser Baer energyc30
Power Market Study
Policy advocacy for de-linking fuel drawl for a coal linkage project to mandatory 85% of power capacity being tied-up on long term basis through tariff based bidding
Study on Due Dilligence of Indian Energy Exchange Multiples Private Equity Fund Ltd energyc31
Study on Power OFF-TAKE – Phase I Orissa Power Generation Corporation ltd energyc32
Power off-take study for OPGC Ltd
Developing a Database for Monitoring of Power Projects and Power Sector Utility Operations in India Planning Commission, Government of India
Consultancy Service for Review of Point of Connection (PoC) Transmission Pricing Mechanism Power Grid Corporation Ltd energyc33
Identifying Market Opportunities for PTC India Ltd. in the Energy Efficiency Segment Power Trading Corporation of India energyc34
Business Stratagy, Trading Portfolio Optimization and Regulatory Assistance to Power Trading Corporation of India Limited
Study on Tariff Projections and Portfolio Optimisation
Services for a Study to be done on Power Demand Supply and Tariff (PPA & Merchant) projections in India over the next 15-20 years
Commercial Implication on Grant of Open Access to Industrial Consumers located in Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) Discom
Engagement of Consultant for providing consultancy services to the PTCUL for Regulatory and commercial matter related to Uttarakhand Integrated Transmission projects Power Transmission Coporation of Uttarakhand ltd energyc35
Appointment of Consulting Agency for framing revised Tariff Regulations and Open Access Regulations Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission energyc36
Consulting Services for Energy / Load Management and Cost Optimization System (Specification No. PPR 03/2013) Punjab State Power Corporation NA
Power Market Study SBI Macquarie Inraestructure Management energyc37
Providing Technical Assistance to UGVCL on Implementing DSM Projects Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation energyc38
Development of SDDP Model SN Power India energyc39
Consultancy Support for Tariff Related Matters SNAM Alloys energyc39
Commercial and Operational Performance Assessment of Selected SAPP Power Utility Members Southern African Power Pool energyc42
Advisory Assistance to Sterlite Technologies for Matters Related to East-North Internconnection Project & Jabalpur Tranmission Company Limited Sterlite Technologies Ltd energyc42
Bid Process advisory for Transmission line system in the state of Rajasthan Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd NA
Diagnostic study of Haryana Vidut Prasaran Nigam Limited The World Bank energyc42
Consultancy on Least Cost Options for Expansion of the Bangladesh Energy Sector
Workshop on Power Markets in India for Nepalese Stakeholder
Consulting Services for Data Collection/ Analysis & Preparation of State Reports
Understanding Private Sector Participation in Hydropower Development (SELECTION #1010540)
Distributional Impact of change in Electricity Tariffs in The Power Sector of Nepal and Bangladesh
Open Access in Power Grids: Open Access Component, Country Case Study: India
India Financial Performance of the Power Sector and its Impact on the Economy
Multi-country review of Key Issues in the Power Sector in South Asia for South Asia Economics Focus, Winter 2012 issue
Support for Development of South-South-North Knowledge Facility (SSNKE)
Determination of Eligibility of the Himachal Pradesh DPL for Submission to the Clean Technology Fund
An Assessment of Opportunities and Challenges to Increased Regional Energy Cooperation in South Asia
Bid Advisory for Kerala 450 MW Case-1 Bid on DFBOO Basis and assistance to Thermal Powertech Corporation India Limited (TPCIL) in Bid participation during RFQ and RFP Stage Thermal Powertech Corporation India Ltd energyc44
Study on specific aspects of the power sector for impact on State Finances Thirteenth Finance Commission NA
Evaluation of Options for Power Procurement Viraj Profiles Ltd energyc45
Training Programme Wartsila India Ltd energyc46
Study on Peaking Power
Assistance for Case-II Bidding for 1320 MW Thermal Power Project Welspun Urja India Ltd energyc47
Advisory Services on the determination of Power Sourcing Strategy and Identifications of Sourcing Options Wipro Limited energyc48
Advisory Assistance to WIPRO on Procurement of Electricity
Advisory services & assistance in Bid Process to Adani Energy Ltd. in line with the regulations by Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board for Meerut city Adani Energy Ltd energyc2
Study of Natural Gas Availability, Pricing and Economics for Lanco Kondapalli Power Plant Axis Bank Ltd oil1
Preparation of detailed feasibility report & business plan for city gas distribution projects for Bangalore GA Bharat Petroleum Ltd oil2
Preparation of detailed feasibility report & business plan for city gas distribution projects for Panipat
Preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report and Business Plan for setting up City Gas Distribution at Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan Deep Industries Ltd oil3
Conducting Research Analysis on Indian LNG Supply/Demand and Innovation in Pricing Mechanism GAIL India Limited oil3
Development of business paln for GAIL to enter into Power sector
Detailed Feasibility Report preparation for Tier II city of gas distribution project
Study on Gas Distribution Market in India Gas Natural Fenosa oil5
Understanding Andhra Pradesh downstream market potential demand for re-gasified LNG (RLNG) GDF Suez Lng Uk oil6
Detailed Analysis of Bulk Consumers along East-West Pipeline (EWPL) and Mallvaram – Bhopal – Bhilwara -Vijaipur Pipeline (MBBVPL)
Use of Gas Based Power Plants for Provision of Ancillary Services GMR Energy Ltd oil7
Advisory Services for Thermal Project Gujarat Paguthan Energy Corporation Ltd. oil8
Detailed Feasibility Report Preparation for four cities of Meerut, Modinagar, Karnal & Muzaffar Nagar Indian Oil Corporation oil9
Preparation of detailed feasibility report preparation for two gas transmission lines
Validation of demand along proposed gas pipelines
E-Auction for Price Discovery from GSPC Deen Dayal West (DDW) Gas Field in KG-OSN-2001/3 Indraprastha Gas ltd oil10
Assistanco to IGL on economics of CGD segments and regulatory compliance
Assistance on Derivation of Segment wise Cost & Profitability for the Period of April, 2013-March, 2014
Study on Review of Gas Sector in India International Finance Corp energyc0
Asia market study and business opportunities for CHP Kedia
Consultancy Support to Lanco Kondapalli Power Ltd., Hyderabad on Retainer Basis till December 31, 2013 Lanco Kondapalli Power Ltd.
Advisory assistance to assess gas procurement options for electricity generation for a large gas consumer Moser Baer energyc30
Market Feasibility Study for setting up a LNG Re-Gasification Terminal in East Coast of India Petronet LNG Ltd (Confidential) oil11
Market Feasibility Study for Setting up a LNG Re-Gasification Terminal at Mangalore
Market feasibility study for setting up a LNG-Re Gasification terminal in east coast of India
Power Market Study for Reliance Power Limited Reliance Power Ltd oil12
Transaction Advisory for Contracting of LNG
Detailed Policy and Regulatory Advocacy for Gas Market Development in India Shell India Markets Ltd oil13
Detailed Policy and Regulatory Advocacy for Gas Market Development in India
Assistance to large european utility in pre-evaluation/due diligence of power project for investments decisions Union Fenosa oil14
Study on Peak Power Pricing or Gas based Generation Stations Wartsila India Ltd energyc46
Additional work on Study on Peak Power Pricing or Gas based Generation Stations
Consultancy Services for REC Pricing Study for 7 States CLP Wind Farms India oil8
Tariff Study for Maharashtra
Commercial Due Diligence for Wind Energy Investment CX Capital Management Renewablec1
A Study on “Preparing incentive structure for States for fulfilling Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) targets” Forum of Regulations Renewablec2
Developing a Business Model for Integrating Off-grid renewable energy generation and distributed power generation with energy efficiency Greenergy Renewables Renewablec3
Market assessment of power sector and renewable energy sector in India for a spanish utility Iberdrola Renewablec4
Renewable Energy Certificate Pricing Study IL&FS Energy Development Company ltd Renewablec5
Advisory Services on Grid and Market Integration of Wind Power in India Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) Renewablec6
Preparing a Report on Fresh Opportunities and Treats in the rapidly changing Renewable Energy business scenario keeping in view IREDA’s Strengths and Weaknesses
Study on State owned Power Distribution Companies in India & Providing REC market outlook International Finance Corp energyc0
Strategy articulation and preparation of detailed feasibility report for the wind business of the client Lanco Wind Power Private Ltd energyc27
Developing an area based ESCO model for solar water heating and studying the potential of market based instruments Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Renewablec8
Consultancy services for developing a five-year strategic plan for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Engaging a Consultant  for advising MNRE on policy for Solar RPO and RECs.
Partnership for Accelerated Deployment of RE & EE Nexant Renewablec9
Assiatance in Preparation of Bid for supply of Power from Frid Connect Solar PV Power Project Pinnacle Air Renewablec10
Integration of Wind Energy into Trading Market Power Trading Corporation of India energyc34
Developing a business implementation plan for PTC in sugar cogeneration
Evaluation & Preselection of suitable Renewable Energy Projects to be implemented under the Programme “Susatianble Energy for Rural Development” Rural Electrification Corporation Renewablec11
REC Lender Engineers for 5 MW Solar Power Project at Upleta
AF-Mercados EMI as Lenders Engineer for the renewable projects for 10MW Solar Power Project for CBC Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at Dhank Village, Rajkot District, Gujarat
AF-Mercados EMI as Lenders Engineer for the renewable projects funded by REC
AF-Mercados EMI as Lenders Engineer for the renewable projects for 20MW Solar Power Project for Hiraco Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. at Bapodar Village, Porbandar District, Gujarat
Implementation Of Demand Response In Tamil Nadu – Phase II Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation energyc38
Policy and Regulatory Support on Renewable Energy for the Year 2013
Policy and regulatory support on renewable energy and other supply side options in power sector for the year 2014
Commercial Due Diligence for Wind Energy Investment Simran Wind Project Renewablec12
Training Program on Renewable Energy Market Mechanisms including Renewable Energy Certificates Suzlon Energy Ltd Renewablec12
Indo-Swedish Programme on Waste to Energy, Work Package 3 Swedish Export Credit Renewablec12
Preparing an implementation plan for state level adoption of energy efficiency portfolio standrards in India The Climate Works Foundation, USA Renewablec12
Addressing Barriers for Effective Implementation of Energy Efficient Green Buildings in India
Energy Efficiency Program Implementation in India – Pilot Program Design in Two States
Blue Print for Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Power in Short to Medium term and way forward for Southern Region
Blueprint of national renewable energy policy for India
Deployment of Energy Efficient Appliances in Housing Complexes
Analysing the Renewable Enrgy Certificate Framework in India
Preliminary Draft of Climate Investment Plan on behalf of the Government of India The World Bank energyc43
Developing A Regulatory Framework For The Maldives Energy Sector
Preparation of the Accelerating Sustainble Private Investment in Renewable Energy (ASPIRE) Project (P145482) for Ministry of Environment and Enrgy, Male
Study Whether Grant of Open Access to Consumers procuring Power from Renewable Sources would be Financially vaiable Option for Discom World Resources Institute Renewablec12
Study wether grant of open access to consumer procuring power form renewable sources would be financially viable option for Discom